mandag den 21. august 2017


A Piece made for my daughter - or more correct, ordered by my daughter.

fredag den 16. juni 2017

Musicians in my sketchbooks

 David Bowie, "Station to Station" my favourite Bowie album.

John Lennon, He was the first musician in my walkman.

Tom Waits, Warm beer cold women.... Love this guy.

Leonard Cohen, one of the most boring and uninspiring musicians I know of.
Björk, Not really my kind of music.

Beastie boys, How can you not love these guys.

Pat Metheny, jazz guitarist, not my kind of sound.

Seb Rochford, jazz drummer and man behind the fantastic Polar Bear Quartet.

Vijay Iyer, jazz pianist and one of my absolute favourite musicians.

Elton John, I have huge respect for a guy who dresses up as Donald Duck 
in front of a full Central Park and can put music to a ovn manual.

Woody Allen, a man of many talents.

A French dou - inspiration from a trip to Paris.

The sketches are from a couple of different sketchbooks by Stillman And Birn, Strathmore And Fabriano. Lines applied with a fountain pen and coloured with watercolours.

onsdag den 26. april 2017

tirsdag den 18. april 2017

Authors in my sketchbooks

 Astrid Lindgren

 Charles Bukowski
 Edgar Allan Poe
H.P. Lovecraft

 Bent Haller
 michel houellebecq
Morten Sabroe

Sketches from four different sketchbooks: Strathmore Series 500 Sketchbook, Sennelier Pink Sketchbook, Stillman and Birn Epsilon and Fabriano Venezia.
Fabriano Venezia is not the best for watercolours. The colours turns out a bit yelolwish, but otherwise a very nice sketchbook.
Yes im a sketchbook addict.