onsdag den 10. januar 2018


I never do Fanart. Not that I don't like it, it's just not really my thing. But, this is an exception for a very dear friend of mine, and I must say, that I really enjoyed making it.
A sketchbook drawing coloured digitally.

onsdag den 13. december 2017

Danish politicians in sketchbook

 Alex Ahrendtsen, Danish far right wing politician

Søren Pape Poulsen, Danish concervative politician

Drawings in sketchbook. Watercolours and fountain pen.

Sketchbook drawing

Boatman in sketchbook. Watercolours and fountain pen.

søndag den 8. oktober 2017

Two clever heads in my sketchbook

Özlem Cekic
Public debater who invites senders of hate mails for at cup of "dialogue coffee"
- Some of those "cups of coffees" must be rather hard to swallow.

Svend Brinkmann, Phychologist and philosopher says No to ... 
.... Endless streamlining, mass imposed digitization etc...